Health worker administering Vaccine.

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Brazil To Give Booster Shots Of COVID-19 Vaccine To All Adults

Brazil's Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga on November 16 said that they've decided to give a booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine to everyone who is aged above 18 years. The booster dose will be given only after five months of the second dose of the vaccine. Earlier, only people above 60 years or having a weak immunity system were receiving the booster shot. Notably, Brazil already administered 12.4 million booster shots.  

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Brazil Beat Colombia

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Brazil Beats Colombia To Enter World Cup 2022 In Qatar

Brazil became the first South American team to qualify in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar on November 11. Brazil scored only one goal in the 72nd minute against Colombia, thanks to Lucas Paqueta. With this victory, Selecao now has 18 points ahead of fourth-placed Chile. Furthermore, the top four teams would directly qualify for the World Cup.… read-more

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Kidney Disease.


Rise In Global Temperature Increases Kidney Disease Cases: Study

The world's largest study published in 'The Lancet Regional Health - Americas' journal' found the rising temperature in the global world is increasing renal diseases cases. The study was based on the link between temperature changes and kidney disease. The study focused on Brazil from 2000 to 2015 covered 2,02,000 cases of kidney diseases. The study also highlighted the importance of the COP26 conference in Glasgow. 

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Boy Born With Tail

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35 Weeks Premature Baby Born With True Human Tail: Brazil

Doctors were left speechless after a boy was prematurely born in 35 weeks, with a human tail. The tail began to grow in the worm and developed an embryonic appendage after 4-8 weeks of gestation like all babies. In this rare case, a 6-inch posterior protuberance with a 1.5-inch wide ball at the end of the tail was formed. Reportedly, only 40 such cases have been recorded in history. 

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Marilia Mendonca.

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Famous Brazailian Singer Marilia Mendonca Dies In Plane Crash

Brazil's popular singer, Marilia Mendonca with four other people, including her uncle, her producer, and two crew members, died in a plane crash in South-eastern Minas Gerais state on November 5. She was 26. Reportedly, she was travelling to perform at a concert on the same evening in Caratinga. Mendonca, ''Queen of Suffering'', had also become the most listened to artist on Spotify in Brazil in 2020.  

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Moto G5 Phone with Hulk Case

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5 Yr Old Smartphone Saves Owner's Life: Brazil

A five-year-old Moto G5 smartphone saved a man's life, with an infamous Marvel comic character Hulk's picture on the back cover. The incident took place in Brazil, where a robbery took place, firing a bullet on the victim, that was stopped by the smartphone. The bullet had reportedly grazed on the owner's hip ending up with small bruises. 

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Neymar Hints Retirement After Qatar World Cup Next Year

Brazilian star footballer Neymar stated that next year's World Cup in Qatar may be his last. The 29-year-old striker made the remarks in the DAZN-produced-documentary "Neymar & The Line Of Kings." On October 10, part of the story was posted on the channel's Twitter account. “I am facing it like the last World-Cup because I don't know whether I will be able to, mentally, to endure more soccer,” said Neymar.

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Argentine footballer Lionel Messi and Brazilian footballer Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

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Brazil & Argentina's Road To World Cup Qualifiers Narrows Down

The recent match between Brazil and Argentina in Sao Paulo was called-off soon after a Brazilian health-inspector entered the field to remove four Argentina-players who he believed should be quarantined under COVID-19 regulations. Both teams won their second games of the international-window to qualify for Qatar. The teams will reportedly try to avoid any disruptions when the World Cup qualification starts on October 7 across South America.… read-more

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Brazil: Protest For Impeaching President Bolsonaro

Amid the economic and unemployment crisis, thousands of protesters have gathered in Brazil's Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, on October 3. People are chanting "out Bolsonaro, out Bolsonaro and Bolsanaro must leave, impeachment now!". Reportedly, high prices on basic food items and 14 million unemployment at their peak have escalated the anger of Brazilians. Opposition leaders such as Ciro Gomes and Alessandro Molon have also joined the Janeiro… read-more

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Michel Faro Prado

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Brazilian Tattoo Artist Transforms Himself To Alike Devil; Cuts Finger, Reduce Nose

Michel Faro Prado, a 46-year-old Brazilian tattoo artist, known as Devil Praddo on social media, altered his look by tattooing 80% of his body, reducing the size of his nose, removing one of his ring-fingers to resemble a claw-like-hand, sharpened fangs, and embedded horns. “Turning into the devil wasn’t something I planned. The sinister attracted me,” said Prado. Despite being subjected to discrimination and hatred, Prado learned to… read-more

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