Black Cocaine

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NCB Nabs Supplier Of High-Grade Black Cocaine Coming From Brazil At Mumbai Airport; 3.20 Kg Seized

Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) seized 3.20 Kg of black cocaine coming from Brazil at Mumbai airport and nabbed the supplier, on September 29. The accused, a Bolivian lady was reportedly travelling from Brazil to Goa with layovers at Addis Ababa and Mumbai. She was carrying the drugs in 12 tight packets, making use of her luggage’s false cavity. A Nigerian national has also been arrested from Goa regarding the same. 

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Cristina Kirchner

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Man Arrested For Assassination Attempt On Vice President Cristina Kitchener: Argentina

The police in Argentina have reportedly arrested a man for allegedly attempting to assassinate Vice President Cristina Kirchner. Reportedly, the incident occurred in the capital city of Buenos Aires, and the attacker was a 35-year-old Brazilian national, identified as Fernando Montiel. He pointed a gun, inches away from her head, and attempted to shoot her. However, the gun did not fire. With this, Kirchner’s security has been increased.

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Brazilian Conjoined Twins

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Brazilian Conjoined Twins With Fused Brains Successfully Separated By UK Doctor

A UK-based surgeon successfully separated Brazilian twins who were conjoined at the head, according to Independent report. Bernardo and Arthur Lima, both almost 4 years old, underwent at least seven operations in Rio de Janeiro, with Dr. Noor ul Owase Jeelani from London's Great… read-more

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Monkeypox: Spain Reports First Monkeypox-Related Death

Spain has reported its first fatality caused by the Monkeypox virus, on July 30. Spain is one of the worst-hit countries, with over 4,298 people infected. Of which, at least 120 have been hospitalized due to the severity. Brazil reported the first Monkeypox-related death outside Africa. WHO termed Monkeypox as a global health emergency, just over a week ago, with over 18… read-more

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BRICS Summit

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PM Modi To Join Virtual BRICS Summit To Discuss Russia's Attack On Ukraine

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend a virtual summit of the five-nation organization BRICS, which will include Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 23 and 24. The virtual conference takes place in the context of global uncertainty sparked by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) is a forum for discussing and debating issues that affect all emerging… read-more

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British journalist, Indigenous expert missing in Amazon

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Brazilian Police Find Items Of British Journalist, Indigenous Expert Missing In Amazon

Brazilian Authorities discovered a bag and personal possessions of a British journalist, Dom Phillips, and an Indigenous specialist, Bruno Pereira, who went missing in the Amazon. They disappeared after receiving threats while on a research trip to Brazil's Javari Valley on June 5. Briton's mother-in-law has given up hope that they will make it out alive. They were last spotted at Sao Gabriel, near their destination Atalaia do Norte. 

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Brazil Rescue Operation

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Number Of Deaths From Excessive Rainfall Rise To 100 In Pernambuco, Brazil

The number of deaths from excessive rainfall in the northeastern Brazilian state of Pernambuco increased to 100 on May 31. As per reports, at least 16 individuals were still missing, 14 of which were buried by landslides and two of which were washed away by river currents, while over 6,000 households were evacuated. As heavy rain persisted on May 31, rescue operations had to be temporarily halted.

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Volkswagen Logo

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Volkswagen To Continue Operations In China Despite Reports Of Human Rights Violations

Despite reports of human rights violations in Volkswagen car manufacturing plant in China's Xinjiang region, according to a chief executive of Volkswagen, the car manufacturer is planning to continue its operations. He further stated that they ensure the labour standards are implemented, and that the cultural and religious differences are respected. Volkswagen has also been accused of human rights violations in Brazil, where public… read-more

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Brazil Floods


Heavy Rains In Brazil Kill At Least 31 People; Schools Open As Shelter

At least 29 individuals were killed by landslides caused by torrential rains in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco on May 28. Two individuals perished after being carried away in river floods in Alagoas, Brazil. Flooding has caused over 1,000 individuals to flee their homes. The city of Recife has opened schools to assist the homeless people. 33 municipalities in Alagoas have announced a state of emergency.

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Telegram Ban

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Brazil Shuts Down Messaging App Telegram For Ignoring Rules

The Supreme Court of Brazil on March 18, ordered the ban on messaging app Telegram citing that it has not cooperated with authorities. “The Telegram platform, at every possible opportunity, failed to heed judicial orders in a total disregard for the Brazilian judiciary,” stated an official. Notably, some smartphone companies are notified for a five-day period to block Telegram from their platforms.

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