Imran Khan

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Imran Khan Prepares For Power Show In Islamabad, Sends Warning To PM Shehbaz Sharif

Former Pakistan PM and Tehreek-i-Insaf chief Imran Khan has stated that he is preparing for his upcoming political rally in Pakistan’s capital city of Islamabad. Ahead of his “power show”, he has also sent warnings to Pakistan government and PM Shehbaz Sharif. He further stated that the government cannot take actions against peaceful marchers. He also termed the rulers of Pakistan as “corrupt”. 

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Balochistan Issue

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Baloch Human Rights Council Requests UN Intervention Over Human Rights Violation In Pakistan

Speaking at the Human Rights Council, Balochistan human rights group requested for UN intervention over human rights violations in Pakistan. The speaker said that the Balochs are being “dehumanised” in Pakistan, and that they are deprived of education, health and other social amenities. He further stated that the aforementioned human rights violations are resulting in “extreme poverty” among the Balochs.

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Imran Khan

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Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan Apologises Before Court For ‘Threatening’ Lady Judge

Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan has apologised before the High Court of Islamabad for threatening a lady judge in his public rally. Khan also assured that he will never repeat such an act. He further volunteered to apologise to the lady judge Zeba Choudhary in person. This has come after the court adopted a strict stance and considered contempt proceedings against Khan.

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Child Abuse

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Pakistan Reports Over 2,000 Child Abuse Cases In 6 Months

An NGO has released a report pointing out the grim security situation in Pakistan. According to the report, around 2,211 cases of child abuse have been reported in the country in the past six months, with the victims including both boys and girls. Majority of those cases can be categorised rape, sodomy and abduction for sexual abuse, reported The News International.

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Imran Khan

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Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s Bail Extended Till Sept 20 In Anti-Terrorism Case

In Pakistan’s Islamabad, an anti-terrorist court (ATC) granted extension of pre-arrest bail (anticipatory bail) to former Pakistan PM Imran Khan, in an alleged anti-terrorism case. The case was filed after Khan allegedly threatened Additional Sessions Judge Zeba Chaudhry during a public rally on August 20. The FIR filed against Khan stated that Khan intended to “terrorise” police officials and the judiciary.

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Pakistan Floods

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Death Toll In Pakistan Surpasses 1,000 As Rain Continues To Bring Floods

At least 1,033 people have died and 1,527 have been wounded in Pakistan as a result of rainfall and floods since June, according to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). Nearly 119 people have perished and 71 have been wounded in the previous 24 hours. A total of 949,858 dwellings have been damaged or destroyed. Floods have affected at least 110 districts in Pakistan, with 72 of them declaring catastrophe.

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Imran Khan

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Imran Khan Granted Anticipatory Bail In Terrorism Case: Pakistan

Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan has been granted anticipatory bail, which gives him protection from getting arrests for three days. This has come after an FIR was filed against Khan under Anti-Terrorism Act. Reportedly, during his rally at Islamabad, Khan issued threats to police, judiciary and other state institutions. “His speech had terrorised and threatened top police officials and a respected female additional sessions judge,” reported… read-more

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Pakistan Oil Crisis

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Pakistan Seeks 6-Year LNG Supply Contract From International Companies Amid Energy Crisis

Pakistan has issued a two-part tender, seeking for a six-year Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) supply contract from international companies. Pakistan's energy crisis is expected to become "severe" in the coming months, with a possible shortage of LNG, which is required in electricity, fuel and household consumption. As of now, Pakistan is seeking to purchase 72 LNG cargoes in six years, which means 1,40,000m3 of LNG every month.

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Polio Vaccine Pakistan


Poliovirus Detected In 7 Pakistani Cities; Cases Expected To Surge

Poliovirus has been detected in several provinces across seven cities in Pakistan, confirmed Federal authorities on August 2. The confirmation has reportedly been given after carrying out tests on environmental samples collected from various cities. Reportedly, some of the samples were collected from sewage streams. In 2022, Pakistan detected its first case of Polio on April 22, and now, the cases are expected to surge. 

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Imran Khan

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Spying Attempt On Former Pak PM Imran Khan Foiled; Accused Caught Red-Handed

A spying attempting on former Pakistan PM Imran Khan has been foiled, as the accused was caught red-handed. Reportedly, the accused, a cleaner, was paid money to install a spying device in Khan's bedroom. Another worker caught him while he was trying to install it, who then informed the security personnel. Earlier, Imran Khan had stated that his life is in danger, and that people are plotting to eliminate him.

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