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China To Continue To Witness Drought-Like Situation In Coming Years, Fear Scientists

In a combined study of scientists from University of Texas and Tsunghua University, it was predicted that China will continue to experience drought-like situation in the coming years. This has come while China is currently experiencing a massive grip of heatwaves and drought throughout the summer. The scientists also urged Beijing to put a curb on its carbon emissions, stating that it is the only way to fight water scarcity.

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64 UP Districts Witness Drought-Like Situation Amid Less Rainfall, Farmers Worry

In Uttar Pradesh, 64 districts received less than normal rainfall this monsoon, troubling farmers for crops cultivation. The districts including Jaunpur have been facing drought-like conditions damaging crops. "Our crop is getting damaged. What will rain do later," asks Bhagat Pal, a farmer in the Jaunpur district. As per the IMD, only 11 of the 75 UP districts have received normal rainfall. Although authorities assure rain ahead, farmers are… read-more

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Italy Announces State Of Emergency For Ongoing Drought, Heatwave

Italian government announced a state of emergency on July 4 in response to Italy's extended heatwave and drought conditions. State of emergency will be in effect until at least the end of the year and will provide the government with additional resources and authority to deal with the hot and dry weather. Most of Italy has been engulfed by record-breaking heat, with temperatures consistently above 40 degrees Celsius.  

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HLC Grants Additional Central Assistance Under NDRF To Drought-hit Rajasthan, Nagaland

High-Level Committee (HLC) sanctioned extra Central assistance on June 16 under National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF) for drought-affected Rajasthan and Nagaland. HLC authorized an extra Rs 1,043.23 crore from NDRF for the two states, with Rs 1,003.95 crore for Rajasthan and Rs 39.28 crore for Nagaland. This extra help is in addition to the cash previously provided under the State Disaster Response Funds (SDRF) from the Centre. 

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Centre Approves Rs 1043.23 Cr As Relief Fund For Drought-Hit Rajasthan & Nagaland

After Rajasthan and Nagaland were hit by drought from 2021 to 2022, the union government approved additional central assistance fund of 1043.23 crore in total. Of which, Rs 1003.95 crore will go to Rajasthan and Rs 39.28 crore to Nagaland. The amount was approved under the National Disaster Response Fund by a High Level Committee (HLC) under the Chairmanship of Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

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Extreme Drought In Portugal

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Extreme Drought Prompts Portugal To Begin Ration-Water-Use

Severe drought spread across Portugal more than 95% of the territory is in "severe or extreme drought." Due to its severity, the country has begun to adopt measures towards ration-water use. Meanwhile, "joint measures" have been announced by Algarve Intermunicipal Community to face drought. However, Portuguese Water Distribution and Drainage Association (PWDDA) President Rui Godinho said, "It is necessary to attack the problem with specific… read-more

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Rameshchandra Fefar- Kalki Awatar

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Gujarats' Former Govt Employee Claims To Be 'Kalki' Avatar of Lord Vishnu

“I’m going to bring drought to the entire world,” says Rameshchandra Fefar, a former Superintending Engineer who claims to be the tenth, Kalki Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Ferar has stopped attending his office since 2018 and claims that the Gujarat government owes him Rs. 16 lakh, as salary including gratuity. Besides, he asserted of being harassed by the “demons” sitting in the government offices.

Mon, 05 Jul 2021 - 08:00 PM / by Bornika Das

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Brazil drought

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Brazil Witnesses Worst Dry Spell In 91 Years; Drought Alert Issued

The Brazilian government has issued a drought alert as the country is expecting to face one of the worst dry spells in 91 years. Experts say, the dry spell is likely to cause water scarcity, agricultural crisis, and possible Amazon fires. Reportedly, the drought alert has been issued for the period between June to September. It may also affect the production of sugar and coffee in Brazil, opined the experts.

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70-Year-Old Burkina Faso Man Converts Drought-Hit Desert Into Forest

A 70-year-old Burkina Faso man, Yacouba Sawadogo, did the impossible by converting a decade-old desert into forest. The septuagenarian farmer dug 'zai pits' to plant and trap required water using stones. Hit by a severe drought in 1970s and 80s, the land in question became waterless, forcing many people out of the village; but Sawadogo stayed. Interestingly, applauding his efforts, the UNEP stated that the conservation step increased crop… read-more

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Rice export

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India To Witness 42% Growth In Rice Export This Year

With a drop in exchange rate and dip in performance of other countries, rice export of India could post a 42% growth from last year. As the other rice exporting countries, Thailand and Vietnam, have experienced drought, their capacity to fulfill foreign demand has come down. Consequently, experts have indicated that India, the world's biggest rice exporter, could increase the export volume to 14 million tonnes in 2020.

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