Chhattisgarh Naxal Attack

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Chhattisgarh: 4 Security Personnel Injured In Encounter With Naxalites In Sukma

One jawan of the CRPF CoBRA Battalion was injured in an IED blast triggered by Naxals in the Tondamarka area of Sukma district on the first phase of the Chhattisgarh Assembly election 2023. Kunta Assembly constituency is voting today, on November 7, in the first phase of Chhattisgarh Assembly election. Sukma SP Kiran Chavan has said that the… read-more

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Firing at Pak Airbase

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Pakistan Airbase Miyanwali Under Attack, 3 Militants killed : Reports

Pak Air Force base in Nothern Pakistan's Mianwali reportedly came under a massive terror attack involving suicide bombers on Friday night. Several videos of the attack were shared on social media. Reuters quoted the Pakistan military and reported that three attackers were killed in response to the attack. Three attackers are still active inside the base as heavy gunfighting is on, it said.

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woman in hostages of Hamas died

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German Woman, Paraded Naked By Hamas, Reportedly Dead: Israel-Palestine

Shani Louk, a German citizen who was believed to have been taken hostage by Hamas, reportedly died. Her mother said, she has received information from the Israeli military that her daughter is dead. In a post on X (formerly Twitter), the Israeli Foreign Ministry said that Shani Louk's body had been "found and identified." However, there is no official confirmation from the German Foreign Ministry yet.

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Terrorist hamas

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Horror Of Hamas Terrorist: Pregnant Woman Dissected, Stomach Cut Open

Another brutal murder by Hamas attack was reported. As per details, a pregnant woman in Southern Israel was found by Hamas terrorists. They dissected her body. Her stomach was cut open and they took the fetus out with the umbilical cord. And let the unborn child die slowly out of his mother’s womb. This is what inhuman savages Hamas do to people. Aditya Raj Kaul shared the report.

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Gurugram: Security Guard Attack Women With Screw Driver After Failed Rape Attempt

A 25-year-old woman was seriously injured after a security guard of a noted society attacked her with a screwdriver during a failed rape attempt. The accused fled the spot after the incident, police said. The woman has been admitted to the hospital in a critical condition. The incident took place at around 11.20 am, on September 26 at Saare Homes Society located at Sector-92 in Gurugram. A case is registered.

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Nuh Communal Clash Intensifies After Violence

The ripples from yesterday's 18-hour communal clash in Haryana's Nuh -- which claimed five lives and left at least 70 people injured -- has reached Badshahpur, 40 km away. Restaurants and shops were vandalised and torched by a mob this evening amid religious chants. Eyewitnesses said a mob of around 200 had entered the area around 4 pm, armed with sticks and stones.

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Delhi woman brutally murdered

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Delhi College Student Killed With Rod, Police Launches Probe

A college student was killed in Delhi today after being attacked with a rod, police said. The incident took place at a park near Aurobindo College in Delhi's Malviya Nagar. According to police, the girl, identified as Nargis, is a student of Kamala Nehru College and had come to the park with her male friend. Police have arrested the 28-year-old friend, believed to have attacked her with a rod.

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Indian Student Beaten Brutally By Khalistani Supporters In Australia

Another violent incident on an Indian student was reported in Sydney, Australia. Reported on July 14, a group of Khalistani supporters violently attacked a student who works as a driver. The victim said when he was in his car, four-five Khalistani supporters attached and thrashed him brutally. They used iron rods and beat the victim. He sustained serious injuries and is being treated at Westmead hospital, confirmed police.

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Women Attacked In prison

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41 Women Prisoners Killed In Rivalry Gang: Honduras Prison

In Central America's Honduras Prison, 41 women inmates lost their lives. On June 21, a massive riot broke out between two rival gangs of women in the prison. Stabbing, attack and cells were set on fire in the prison. Yuri Mora, the spokesperson for Honduras’ national police investigation agency confirmed 41 deaths and several injured, who are being treated at government hospitals. A case is registered for further investigation.

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Tihar Jail Prisoner Attacked By Inmate With Handmade Knife

An undertrial prisoner lodged in Delhi's Tihar jail was injured after he was allegedly attacked by other inmates with an improvised knife, a handmade tool, and a tile. According to jail officials, the incident took around 12:38 pm inside Central Jail no 1 at the Tihar prison complex. This is not the first time, a prisoner has been hurt in judicial custody. Moreover, a case has been registered.

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