Gunshot in Washington DC

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Another Gunshot Incident In USA Reports, Many Including MPD Official Killed

In the United States, Washington, multiple shootings killed many people including a Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) official, on June 20. The incident happened during a music concert called "Moechella" at U-Street, Northwest. Local media confirmed many deceased including one MPD official, who has been taken to hospital. Furthermore, this is another incident of a gunshot in the USA. In regard to this, USA President Joe Biden called for… read-more

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Trump Sues U.S. House Committee Investigating January 6 Attack On Capitol

Former US President Donald Trump has sued the U.S Congressional committee, investigating the January 6 riot at the Capitol, claiming that the members had made an illegal request for his White House records. The lawsuit asserted that materials sought by the House of Representatives committee are covered by a legal doctrine known as executive privilege. The doctrine protects the confidentiality of White House communications.

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Mahatma Gandhi Statue
Mahatma Gandhi's Statue Gifted By India Vandalised In US

The bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi, gifted to the US by India, had been vandalized by miscreants. The 6 ft tall, 294 kg statue installed in a Northern California park was axed from its base while severing its head. Reportedly, the statue was installed fours years ago by the city of Davis amid protests. Since then, only the ‘Organisation of Minorities in India’ launched a campaign to remove the statue.

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Trump Supporters

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Global Political Figures Condemn Turmoil In US Capitol

The US political turmoil, which resulted in death of four citizens, has now invited criticism from various global political figures. Taking to Twitter, Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned the riots and stated, "Orderly and peaceful transfer of power must continue.” In the same series, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said, "The United States stands for democracy around the world and it is now vital that there should be a peaceful and… read-more

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White House Calls Desecration of Gandhi's Statue In Washington As "appalling"

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White House Calls Desecration Of Gandhi's Statue 'Appalling'

Condemning the desecration of Mahatma Gandhi’s statue at Washington D.C., the White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has described the act as "appalling". Kayleigh stated Gandhi has fought for the values of peace, justice and freedom, which the US respects utmost. Earlier, the statue was desecrated by a pro-Khalistani group who hijacked the peaceful protests supporting the Indian farmers. Moreover, the Embassy has sought a probe on the… read-more

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US: Indian-origin Democrat Wins US House Race For Third Consecutive Term

For the third consecutive term, Indian-origin Democratic congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi has been re-elected to the US House of Representatives. Krishnamoorthi secured around 71% of the total votes and defeated the Libertarian Party's candidate Preston Nelson. Born in New Delhi, Krishnamoorthi was first elected in 2016 as a House Representative. Meanwhile in Washington, another Indian-origin candidate Pramila Jayapal has also secured her … read-more

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Makeshift walls put up around White House

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US: White House Gets Extra Protection Over Fears of Violence After Polls

United States’ Secret Service have erected makeshift, non-scalable walls around the White House complex, fearing violence ahead of the elections on November 3. Also the stores across major cities have put protective covers on windows and hired extra services to ensure safety from vandalism. The fear comes after supporters of both warring sides, including the ‘Black Lives Matter' protestors asked to gather in Washington DC on Vote count night… read-more

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Data Suggests Microsoft Is Backing Biden's Presidential Campaign

OpenSecrets, a website that tracks money in political campaigns, has claimed Microsoft is backing Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden in the US presidential elections. Reportedly, although companies are prohibited to have direct political engagements, Microsoft managed to donate through its employees and 'political action committees'. The data also suggests LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman and his wife have financial stake in Biden’s campaign.… read-more

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Hatice Cengiz, fiancee of Late Jamal Khashoggi

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Killed Journalist Jamal Khashoggi's fiancee Files Suit Against Saudi Prince

Killed journalist Jamal Khashoggi's fiancee, Hatice Cengiz, has filed a lawsuit in Washington DC alleging Prince Mohammed and ministry officials for "planned murder". Seeking justice, Hatice expressed her belief in American judicial system. Earlier, US Congress blatantly blamed the Crown's involvement in the execution of Khashoggi inside Istanbul's Saudi-consulate. In September, a Saudi court converted the death-penalty of five officials into… read-more

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Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif

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Arms Embargo Against Iran Comes To End Under Terms Of UNSC Resolution

Iran government on October 18 celebrated the termination of UN's arms embargo (arms ban) against the country imposed in 2007. The enduring ban on arms' purchase has come to an end under the terms of UNSC resolution, which was passed after the signing of 2015 Nuclear Deal. Iran's Foreign Ministry said that the country can now "procure any necessary arms and equipment" for its defence purposes.

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